Gold Standard EFT

What is GS EFT?

Gary Craig is the developer of Gold Standard EFT. It is the only EFT technique that extinguishes the link between the stressor and the stress response, making your complaint disappear.

What is the difference with variations of GS EFT?

On the internet you will find many so called tap along videos , this is tapping with a script and tapping orders may differ from GS EFT. Testing and retesting until the emotion can´t be felt anymore, is not a part of these variations.

Let me illustrate the difference with the following example.

A client whom I had worked a couple of times asked: can I show you how I do it and give me your feedback? Yes, sure!

To my surprise he used the tapping variation, which he learned before working with me. This variation does 3 times the set up sentence, mentions the symptom, not the emotion, uses, a different tapping order and then a extra round using afirmations like: I let the pain go, it is okay to let it go.

What do you think, he said. Does it work, was my reply.

Tapping scripts

It didn’t work! After my explanation of how it could be that his attempts were unsuccessful, why GS EFT does work and clear instructions, it was clear to him. The popular form on the Internet explained by someone with a PhD, sounds very flashy, but has little to no effect. So, if you want to apply GS EFT as it was developed by Gary Craig himself, download here the GS EFT protocol!

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