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Natural selfhealing techniques

I believe that we are naturally a self-healing system and have the ability to constantly bring ourselves back to a healthy balance. The knowledge of who we are has long been hidden and is coming more and more to the surface. This knowledge includes natural self-healing techniques. Now is the time to reconnect with yourself: your health and well-being, by applying simple, natural and safe self-help techniques. To be in connection with yourself is to be in the here and now. Because being (unconsciously) preoccupied with past events causes pain and stress in daily life. Natural self-healing techniques are the key to health, love and well-being.Self-healing techniques are the key to health, love and well-being.

More than selfhealing

The term self-healing is actually not quite accurate, because by consciously feeling painful emotions, you also heal your family and the collective. Having chronic pain and stress usually comes from unpleasant experiences in the past and are connected to relationships with family members.

Natural healing techniques are the key to health, love and well-being in the here and now. Being temporarily, briefly out of balance is not so bad. But are you taking too long, not feeling healthy and unhappy? That is a signal, that you are out of balance and need to take action quickly. I can help you interpret your symptoms and stress reactions so we can get you back in balance as soon as possible.

All of the techniques that I use are:

  • safe to use for young and old
  • no side effects
  • easy for anyone to learn
  • permanent results

My Mission

Guiding women who suffer from hormonal complaints, stress, burnout and depression as fast and efficient as possible to a natural, healthy and spiritual lifestyle that serves you.

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The best way to success

It is my experience, with myself and my clients, that a combined approach on 3 levels, works well. Taking care of your mind, your body and your behavior. EFT, meditation, yoga and natural nutritional supplements help you create a healthy lifestyle that suits you. In addition, techniques such as systemic constellations and QHHT® offer deeper insight into yourself and your past, allowing beautiful changes to occur in the here and now.

Work with me

I’d like to work together with you to give you the opportunity to fully turn your life around, so that you can walk your path in health and harmony. .

Aree you ready?

Please contact me by email and book a session, or a free introductory call You are welcome for in person sessions in Amsterdam or virtually online. I also offer a VIP retreat, with a stay in my B&B for a few days.

Hormone balance, stress free makes carefree
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I’m certified for the techniques that I offer and member of NOVET and Stichting-EFT