Healthy lifestyle

I have adopted healthy lifestyle for myself and my family and I hope that you will join me on this journey together for guidance. To me, a healthy lifestyle means making conscious choices for exercise, relaxation and nutrition everyday, and focusing on feeling mentally, emotionally, physically and financially free, as well as happy and peaceful.

Awareness of your lifestyle and what it does for you gives you the option to make healthier choices. It is important that it fits like your favorite dress, because this is your pathway to inner peace and happiness. I do not believe that there is 1 style that fits all and itś not my intention to convince you of anything else. Creating life consciously to your desire instead of experiencing it through the veil of unwanted emotions and old conditioning, is possible.

I want to help you face and remove the beliefs and find out that nothing is what it seems. I live my life consciously through A Course in Miracles and the 5 Biological Laws.

Mind over Matter

The meaning of the four pillars of a healthy Lifestyle that we work on are:

  1. Mental well-being means that you are able to let go of over-analyzing. or overthinking, to make quick decisions, that you trust yourself, have faith and that everything is happening for you.
  2. Emotional well-being feels being grounded in who you are, not bothered by any challenges and handle stress and manage your emotions well, so that you have inner peace and happiness.
  3. Physical well-being means that you are nourishing your body with healthy foods, practice proper self-care so that you have incredible vitality and energy to be present in the joys of life.
  4. Financial well-being means helping you to feel prosperous and free to do in you life what you want and have more confidence and trust that you’ll always be financially supported.

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The influence of your mind remains somewhat forgotten in most lifestyle programs. Stress is usually mentioned as a cause, but the interventions to remove your stress are mainly related to exercise, nutrition and the sleep/relaxation patterns. In my view this is a missed opportunity, because it really is: Mind over Matter! This is why EFT is so successful in personal development issues.

Feel vital, powerful and radiant!
Vital, powerful and radiant!