To me, lifestyle means making a conscious choice for exercise, relaxation and nutrition, with which I feel mentally, emotionally, physically and financially free, happy and healthy. This is the field I have focused on. Initially for myself and for my family. And you can join me as well for guidance. Awareness of your lifestyle and what it does for you gives you a choice. It is important that it fits like your favorite dress. I do not believe that there is 1 style that is good for everyone and it is not the intention to convince you of anything.

Mind over Matter

The four pillars of Lifestyle are:

  1. Mental well-being. The beliefs you have, the perception of yourself and the world around you, are there to serve you and not to hinder you.
  2. Emotional well-being. Emotions that bother you, that still have a charge, we neutralize together
  3. Physical well-being. Nutrition, relaxation, movement and humour
  4. Financial welbeing.

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The influence of the mind remains underexposed in almost all lifestyle programs. At most, stress is mentioned as a cause, but the interventions are related to exercise, nutrition and the sleep/relaxation pattern. In my view this is a missed opportunity. It’s mind over matter! This is why EFT is so successful in personal development questions.

Feel vital, powerful and radiant!
Vital, powerful and radiant!