Quantum Healing Hypnnosis Technique℠ (QHHT)®

QHHT is a form of hypnosis developed by Dolores Cannon, which gives you access to a part of yourself where all the answers are. Some people call this the Higher Self or the Collective Conscious. With QHHT® you get a much better understanding of why things are the way they are. In order to ultimately create change within yourself. It is a hypnosis technique in which you regress to a past life. You are brought into a deep state of relaxation. This is a natural state of being that we all go through twice a day: just before you fall asleep and just before you wake up. You discover what your lessons and life goals are in this life.

What a QHHT® session can help with

It helps to gain insight into current challenges that you suspect may have originated in a past life. It is possible to close the ‘leak’ to this life so that it does not bother you anymore. This can involve harmful patterns, promises and vows, toxic relationships and afflictions

What does a QHHT® session look like

We start with an extensive interview. This gives me a good insight into you, your themes and challenges and the people who play a leading role in your life. We go through the questions you have prepared in advance, so that it is clear to your higher self in which past life lies the key.

In the second part you go under hypnosis to a past life that is relevant to the questions you have. Then I invite your higher self, Dolores calls this the subconscious. It explains to you why you have seen this life and what you can learn from it. You can ask questions about what you come to do in this life, your health, your relationships, your desires, and more. During the conversation with your higher self, we also ask for healing. This usually leads to the resolution of physical complaints. After waking up from hypnosis, there is room for debriefing. You will receive an audio recording of the session.
A session lasts an average of 5 hours and is always live.

The session is life only and I reserve a day for it.