What distinguishes EFT from other techniques is that you don’t have to tell your life story in the first session. EFT aims at neutralizing the emotional reaction in stressful situations and your perception during the event, not your opinion or judgment. Your story is what actually bothers you. The first session is therefore immediately a treatment. There are some general things I will ask you. You don’t have to prepare anything or know everything about EFT and you’ll learn all about it during the sessions.

EFT scripts

On youtube you will find many videos where EFT scripts are demonstrated, the so-called tap along videos. In most of these videos some variation of EFT is done. Only Gold Standard EFT videos from Gary Craig or Gabrielle Rutten show you official EFT. Tap along videos don’t work because they’re not about you. Everyone is just a little bit different. If the words used do not resonate and it is not about your emotional reaction to the situation, this video will not solve your problem.

How many sessions do I need?

This is the most frequently asked and unanswerable question. Everyone is different and has their own challenges. Circumstances that influence the number of sessions include whether your focus is on EFT alone, or that you use multiple techniques or medication at the same time.. Does it involve a single situation or trauma, or a long-term, illness, or frequently repeated situation. Can you put enough resources into EFT, the sessions and the homework.

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