Optimal EFT for Hair loss

Recently I had the privilege of guiding a number of clients who suffered from long-term, or excessive hair loss, not caused by chemicals.
Hair loss is very common and there is a natural, safe way to resolve it.

Hair loss

What the Biological Laws teach about hair loss

Hair and epidermis problems are caused by a separation conflict. In hair loss, the touch, caress, approval, missing the “pet on the head” plays a role.

Important questions

First question. When did you first noticed it? This provides information about the duration of the problem and gives direction to finding the cause. The cause is a separation conflict that happened just before the complaint occurred. You don’t necessarily have to be aware of this. E.g. the lack of attention, appreciation, or approval from a parent that you never had.

When your father or mother is unable to reach out, to give you that ‘pet on the head’, then you don’t know any better, because you never had it. Yet there is an innate desire for love and approval.

At some point you get more conscious whether your complaints arise or increase. A change in the family can be caused by, for example, the death of a parent, so that the chance of caress or approval can no longer happen.

The second question. What is your biggest fear? It’s not strange if the fear you’d rather not express is, what if I go bald! It is precisely this fear that can perpetuate the problem.

The successful approach of Optimal EFT

As long as the conflict is active, hair will not start to grow. The conflict not only stems from the past, but is, as it were, maintained on a daily basis.

The EFT approach is therefore focused on three pillars.

1. Lowering anxiety in everyday situations. This exercise is called the ¬®Worst Moment of the Day’.
So really practical, how does it feel when you look in the mirror in the morning, combing your hair and you look at the amount of hair in your comb, or when you wash your hair and you see the amount of hair in the drain?

It is quite normal to feel bad about this and to have all kinds of strategies to try to handle it. However, it backfires. The more you want to be separated from your problem, the stronger you feel the separation and the conflict remains active. You end up in a vicious circle.

Tip 1: Neutralize the worst moment of the day, bring the emotion down, will break the stress pattern! It also helps to reduce symptoms in the healing phase, see later on in this blog.

2. Neutralizing situations from the past
You can find them by doing an exercise called ‘Thorough Cleaning’. You list situations in which you have missed the touch, the approval and work through them until the emotional charge is 0. Also situations in which friends and family have shared there view. This also includes events were had an emotional reaction at the view of the general practitioner or that of another specialist.

Tip 2: Make a list of charged events and release the emotional charge.

What you need to know about the Programm of Hair Loss

When the conflict is resolved, the hair loss will stop. The healing phase starts and this can be accompanied by swelling, redness, pain and itching.

Here as well EFT helps with the 3rd pillar: symptom relief. Literally feel what you feel and use one of the two EFT forms.

If you are unaware of the symptoms in the healing phase and you think that the complaints are increasing, fear will cause syndrome. An increase in swelling, which will feel uncomfortable.

Tip 3: Trust that the hair loss will stop once the events are neutralized

Tip 4: Welcome the symptoms. It’s party time, even if you’re itchy. For you are in healing and your hair is growing.

Tip 5: Keep doing EFT for the pain, itching, fear, discomfort. You will notice that the complaints decrease and that you don’t think about it anymore. Stop thinking about it and accept what is now, is the best attitude to let your body heal on its own.

Are you the one with hair loss, or do you know someone with hair loss, forward the blog and contact me.