EFT English

Let go of pain and stress with EFT

With Emotional Freedom Techniques you deal safe and profound with:

1. Limiting core believes;
2. Fear, fobia, depression, sadness and anger;
3. Pain, fatique, or not sleeping well;
4. Chronic complaints and trauma;
5. Conflicts and relationship problems

EFT is very helpful in:
6. Breaking limiting beliefs, self sabotage, habits;
7. Enhancing welbeing, peace and manifesting.

What EFT can do for you

You will get the tools and guidance to safely deal with the core limiting beliefs as we neutralize the stress and pain in situations on an emotional level. That will clear them up for good. Most people notice changes after one, or a few treatments, for some it may take more practise. Over time, you will quickly and effectively tackle new daily challenges yourself as you learn how to do EFT.

My guidance is aimed at making you independent. Your life will become lighter and therefore easier.

Woul you like to stay healthy and have less stress?

I am here to help you identify core beliefs, conflicts, neutralize emotions and find the way back to wholeness. My role is modest and temporary.

Are you curious? Then it’s high time to Connect Inside!

Contact me at Mathildebosker@pm.me

Connect Inside is Mathilde Bosker’s company. She offers techniques to help you stay healthy and stress-free. For prices click here

I am a certified EFT GS practitioner (Novet – Gary Craig Official EFT Training Center (www.emofree.com), am trained in Optimal EFT and are in the certification program under the supervision of EFT expert Gabriëlle Rutten. She is the single representative in the Netherlands and Flanders for Gary Craig and Oficial EFT.