Optimal Yoga

Trust your body

Optimal Yoga is a unique combination of Kundalini Yoga, Hormone Yoga and Optimal EFT. It combines essential components for your lifestyle, namely exercise and healing mediations. Optimal Yoga promotes communication between mind and body. An ever deeper alignment between yourself, your experiences in the world around you.

Kundalini yoga is dynamic, complete yoga lifestyle that can completely transform your life. Practice leads you from ignorance to wisdom, from darkness to light, from death to eternity. Classes are exclusively life.

Hormone yoga is a set series of dynamic yoga exercises developed by Dinah Rodrigues. It is a natural way to use physical exercises, breathing and relaxation to balance and maintain your hormone balance. The exercises act on the pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and gonads. Hormonal imbalance produces a range of symptoms, such as: Premenstrual syndrome Irregular menstruation Ovarian complaints, PCOS Fallopian tube and uterine complaints Bloating Libido complaints Hair loss Dry skin and mucous membranes. These complaints can often be well reduced or remedied with the yoga series and by understanding the 5 Biological Laws.

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