Hormone Yoga

Trust your body

Hormoon yoga is a natural way to get and keep your hormone balance with physical exercises, breathing and relaxation. Especially if you suffer from hormonal symptoms or are in the years before menopause. Menopause begins biologically as you are 50 years old.

It consists of a set series of dynamic yoga exercises developed by Dinah Rodrigues. The exercises act on the pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and gonads.


Menopause is officially the year your periods have stopped due to a reduction in estrogen. The run-up phase is called perimenopause and the period from the year without menstruation is called post-menopause.

The whole phase is a natural, biological phenomenon, just like puberty. Nothing goes wrong, you don’t have to fix it. By itself, it doesn’t have to cause many physical or psychological symptoms.

Hormonal disbalance

Research shows that middle-aged women in Japan suffer less from symptoms seen in mainstream medicine as menopause symptoms.

So what causes hormonal imbalance in us and so many and on average some 6 years of symptoms? That is the influence of stress and lifestyle, sexual conflicts, your position in the workplace and in society. Well-known menopause symptoms are: Premenstrual syndrome Irregular menstruation Ovarian complaints, PCOS Fallopian tube and uterine complaints Dry vagina Bloating Libido complaints

The symptoms can often be well reduced or remedied with the yoga series, EFT and understanding of the 5 Biological Laws.

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