Hidden knowledge

Your body tells your story

Dr. Rylke.Geerd Hamer MD discovered the Five Natural Laws of Nature in 1981. They describe the causes and progression of almost all diseases. All diseases begin with events or situations that we haven’t resolved and are mirrored on the three levels of psyche-brain-organ. Small disharmonies cause “minor diseases“ and great shocks cause “major diseases.“ Chronic diseases are unresolved situations that are frequently re-triggered until this day. The body always finds a perfect physical solution for a conflict, for every organ. After having resolved the problem, it heals the organ back into balance. The beauty of Dr Hamer’s discovery is: with this knowledge you can take ownership of your healing process.


There is an assumption at the basis of the 5 biological laws, that understanding the special biological program will automatically lead to healing. So it often leads people to think, ‘oh it is a healing phase, I don’t need to do anything, my body will take care of itself’. And off course the body is programmed to do just that, but only if our conditioned, fearful mind is not interfering! So it is a time to work thoroughly on oneself, resolving emotions, negative core believes, conditioned behavior, unresolved situations from the past. EFT is the only tool I know off that can will guide you through the emotions towards healing. Lifestyle, drugs and chemicals are other factors that influence health.

A holistic approach to health


Together we will look at your mental, emotional and physical body to figure out where you are now and where you want to be. The symptoms you are experiencing have their origins in your core believes, life experiences, the programming and the emotions you experience associated with them. The next step is to provide you with a specific approach how to apply EFT for your situation in order to help you balance back into health.

While the 5 Biological Laws is the approach I use, it is not a treatment, It is always wise to be your own advocate and consult a doctor along with working with me.

How does a consultation and the treatments work for me?

The fact that you found me indicates that you are ready to do the work in order to find inner peace and happiness. You realize that the solution to ailments is within you and that most ‘help’ from outside is just symptom control and not a permanent solution. It may be that thinking into this new paradigm takes some getting used to. I’ll be happy to help you with that*. Knowing what can happen, how a healing process can evolve, what experiences you may have along the way and what their biological use is, will contribute to gaining confidence in your own body.

Subsequently, it requires commitment and responsibility to be dedicated to your own health and well-being on a daily basis. EFT (tapping and meditation) and yoga are practical skills. So if you don’t practice them, you won’t move forward towards your goal of inner peace and happiness.

* Please be aware: I am not a doctor and will never give you medical advice or advise against medical help. You are responsible for the choices you make and the guidance you use.

I was trained in the Biological Laws by Mies Kloos.</a >