Yoga therapy

For specific complaints

An individual yoga therapy session lasts 4 hours and consists of:

  • Explanation of Dr. Hamer’s healing program, focused on your complaints
  • A custom made Kundalini Yoga serie that is beneficial for the complaints
  • Personal Meditation
  • EFT session

Prior to the session we have an informative consultation (can be done online). This one is free. The session will take place in Amsterdam. You will receive the Yoga series, meditation and explanation about EFT afterwards by email, for further self-practice,

What does this therapy session bring you?

Insight into the course of the healing program and the connection between your complaints. With the yoga session and meditation tailored to you, you have a natural way to get and keep your body and mind in balance with physical exercises, breathing, meditation and relaxation.

EFT is the most effective self-help technique there is. In this session you neutralize at least 1 stress link, discover which basic core belief actively contributes to all the problems you experience and learn to use EFT for yourself.

The aim of my approach is to teach you to trust the healing power and beauty of your own body again. My guidance is aimed at teaching you the tools with which you can take back control of your health.

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