Recommendation EFT

Emotional turmoil

Mathilde is an experienced, knowledgeable, skilled and intuitive EFT/OEFT practitioner which is exactly what I needed to help me navigate the emotional and physical turmoil I was going through. She came highly recommended by Dr Gabrielle Rutten, Gary Craig’s Director of Education for the Netherlands & Belgium.  Gary is the founder of EFT.  I was not disappointed.  

Mathilde guided me to understand the core belief underlying my issues, steered me to identify specific events that still held an emotional charge impacting my life and taught me how to lessen or totally remove that charge. She is truly a detective with a kind, magical flair that brought hidden aspects of events to the surface so we could work on them together. I am very grateful for her help and would recommend her highly to anyone who is looking for growth, joy, peace and calm in their life.
Diane, Rhode Island, USA

Business coaching and chronic physical issue

Working with Mathilde has been truly a delightful experience. She masters the sessions so we move easily through my subconscious and energetic blocks, removing them one by one, and as a result I have resolved a long-term physical issue + several blocks that held me back from growing my genius business  – all that in a very short time.

I love her lightness and vibration, and I would recommend working with her to anyone who looks for a solution and growth. 
Eva, Estonia

Chronical tension and pain

Mathilde’s meditation with which we begin every session are wonderful to get relaxed and connected within. Mathilde beautifully combines meditation, tapping and optimal EFT to guide you toward healing and is able to explain how chronic symptoms may be related to emotional issues. In this process, she really helped me change my approach to my issues, encouraging me to let my Higher Self and my little girl guide me instead of using my mind to find the true causes. The sessions can sometimes bring up more challenges, but if we’re willing to face and accept all of our facets with love, magic and healing happen. I’m very grateful for her help which has opened so many doors in my consciousness and has brought peace and love.
– Magali, Canada –

Accepting myself completely

You can completely depend on Mathilde to deliver EFT and Optional EFT from a very deep and thorough level! She has spent years in training, and is, of course, highly knowledgeable and experienced to get right to your core issues with kindness and humility. I have worked with many experts in healing, in 7 decades, and Mathilde’s “results-oriented” work is on my Top 3 list (or higher!)
– Dave, New York –

Releasing old anger

I have enjoyed working with Mathilde on Zoom. She is very thoughtful, caring and professional. Mathilde is very knowledgeable about EFT and OEFT. She is also learning more about German New Medicine which I think complements OEFT because both are working with the subconscious. She also has an excellent mentor to advise her. Anybody who knows about Gary Craig knows that he works with the best people. Dr. Gabrielle Rutten is Garys Director of Education for Europe. She is the one that recommended Mathilde to me so I knew that I would be working with one of the best.

Mathilde has helped resolve a few of the issues I had. EFT has allowed me to find and release some of the anger I have been holding in. Still working on some other issues but getting closer.
When I was first referred to Mathilde, I was a little concerned about language differences. That was soon allayed at our first session. She speaks excellent English so anybody in the US or other english speaking countries can feel confident working with her. 
– Jim, Florida –