Online tips

Online sessions are a blessing to remote working. It also has some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that nonverbal communication and the part we see of each other is limited to the face, neck and upper part of the chest.


It is not necessary to download Zoom. You just click on the link you will receive by email on the day of the session in the morning. If Zoom is new to you, check out a support website in your area.


Choose where you want to sit during the online session. Ideally, the camera should be slightly above eye level. Place a box, or books under the laptop so that the integrated camera is well positioned. Provide a neutral, calm background. A window behind you, gives backlighting, making your face less visible.


To see your face clearly, daylight from the front is most ideal. If the window is on the side, you can place a desk lamp on the other side of your face so that the side is also exposed. In the dark seasons, at night, or if there is no window, you can place lamps so that your face is well exposed.

Start on time

Take 5 to 10 minutes before the start of the appointment to set yourself up. Check that the lighting and camera position are correct. Close open Internet pages and put your cell phone on airplane mode. Have paper and pen, water or tea and tissues handy.

No online experience?

Is working online new to you? No problem. Just let me know when making the appointment, and we’ll schedule a little more time.