Energy Healing

Energetic clearing of chakra’s and bio energy field

Energy Healing diagnoses and helps remove fatigue and disturbances in aura and chakra’s. It supports the preventioin of developing physical complaints. Chakras and aura are vital elements of the body. They ensure, among other things, the absorption of life energy (prana) and are connected to the organs and hormone glands.

Body awareness

The degree of health radiates in the aura. Blockages and illness are first expressed in the aura and chakras before they become palpable and detectable in the body. Often they are already observable to others. The degree of sensitivity and awareness that you have, influence your ability to feel, see or hear blockages in others.

With Energy Healing we can remove, clear and radiate healing energy through our hands. This can be done by touching the body, Hands-on-Healing, or holding the hands in front of the body, eg Pranic Healing.

Both techniques can be applied in physical presence and remote.

Pranic Healing and Energy Healing can be an additional source of diagnoses and healing to the Optimal EFT sessions.

The effects of Covid vaccinations

To provide a remedy for the complaints arising after the getting the recent vaccine, Christof Melchizedek has developed a protocol that addresses both the energetic and physical reactions to the vaccination.

What the Vaccine Energy Clearing Protocol will do:

  • Clear mucus and miasma from the field and your chakras
  • Clear, open, vitalize and restructure the chakras
  • Clear the stress response from your body
  • Remove the effects of the vaccine from your bio-energy field
  • Clean your DNA distortions
  • Seal and protect your chakras and auric field with an energetic code
Kies en spiegel het beeld dat je wil uitstralen
Vitaal, krachtig en stralend

The healing protocol can be administered remotely. We will have online contact before and after the session. During the healing, which takes about 50 minutes, it is adviced that you lie comfortable on your couch or bed.

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I am a certified advanced Pranic Healer and study with Barbara Brennan’s School of Healing and Christof Melchizedek.