Energy Healing

Energetic cleansing of chakras and aura

Energy Healing treats fatigue complaints and disturbances and can help prevent and relieve physical complaints. Chakras and aura are a vital part of the body. They ensure, f.i. the absorption of life energy (prana) and are connected to the endocrine glands.

The level of health radiates in the aura. Blockages and disease are first expressed in aura and chakras before they become tangible and detectable in the body. Often they are already observable to others. The degree of sensitivity and awareness means that you can feel, see, or hear blockages from others.

Healing Hands

We all are able to feel, remove and add healing energy through our hands. This can be done by touching the body, such as Hands-on-Healing, without touching, such as Pranic Healing, and by conscious attunement at a distance.

Both techniques can be taught in physical presence and at a distance.

From stress to relaxation

Our nervous system consists of a sympathetic, active part and the parasympathetic, resting part. In case of stress, the sympathetic part is too long or too intensely active, which impedes the healing effect of the parasympathetic part.
During the treatment, the chakras and the aura are cleaned and provided with new energy. This has a relaxing effect and helps the body’s self-healing ability.

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing uses color frequencies and has its own protocol for each condition. The aura and affected chakras are carefully and thoroughly cleaned. Then a new energy frequency is applied. The client can sit or lie down and is not physically touched during the treatment.

Hands-on Healing

What do you automatically do when you are in pain? You put your hand on the painful place.
Touching in a loving gesture can open the blockage in that spot. You can add a color (frequency) during the touch.

During a Hands on Healing treatment I allow to remove the unwanted effects in your bio-energetic field and your body in a safe and pleasant way. Your chakras are cleaned and the original structure is restored. It will be sealed with a protective energy layer

Energy healing is a beautiful addition to an EFT treatment. Interestingly and hardly surprising, the energetic cleansing also follows the 5 biological laws of nature.

Christof Melchiezedek developed the Vaccine Clearing Code Protocol. A unique tool to treat complaints after vaccination. Anxieties about, or as a result of, as well as shedding complaints in non-vaccinated people are also treated with this.

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I am a certified advanced Pranic Healer and have taken courses with Barbara Brennan’s school of Healing and Christof Melchizedek.